Saturday, 25 June 2016

Homosexual couple in Morocco brutally beaten... then imprisoned.

Attacks against homosexuals are on the rise lately in Morocco. The video shows a very brutal torture of gay couple in Beni Mellal who had been dragged naked out of their home by the attackers. One of the four attackers allegedly filmed the horrific scene and posted in on the internet which caused a widespread condemnation on social media throughout Morocco.

The attack should have made the government officials and local human rights NGOs react to punish the culprits and reform the law criminalizing homosexuality in Morocco according to article 489, but instead the victims were jailed.

LGBT activists are still silenced and threaten if they speak out against the horror of homophobia in Morocco. The only way you can express your opposition to the government is by being away free from Morocco. Abdellah TaĂŻa is a Moroccan writer living in exile in France conveyed his outrage on Facebook where he stated that.

"It's becoming more and more dangerous to be homosexual in Morocco. The state considers them as little more than criminals and offers them no protection. There are more and more cases of gays being attacked by ignorant, hate-filled mobs. Who will save them? Who will protect them?" 

Following the several attacks on gay people in Morocco, Human Rights Watch has renewed its called for the abolition of article 489, which prevents victims of homophobic violence from going to the police to press charges without being jailed and harassed by the police.