Sunday, 30 July 2017

No mention of human Rights and LGBT right Abuse Again!

The King of Morocco delivered his speech yesterday on the occasion of The Day of Throne. His language was very tough as he sent lots of warning messages to the corrupt politicians in Morocco. This is  somehow a similar speech to the one he previously deliver early this year when he opened the parliament addressing Ministers and MPs. The same language of blaming the politicians and reminding them about their duties which they never do properly.
As a human rights activists and LGBT member, I am so disappointed that there was no mention of human rights abuse in Morocco. The late couple of years have been dramatically full of events involving arrests, jailing and attacks against gay people in Morocco. Human rights in general is a critical issue in Morocco.
 There are far more demonstrations in the streets of major cities in Morocco of people demanding social justice, equal economic opportunities and end to the corruption governments. These are huge problems which dominate the Moroccan political scene. However, these problems should not distract the national and international public from the fact that LGBT people are abused, tortured, jailed and attack by common people and local authorities. The starting point for protection of dignity without living in fear is to decriminalize homosexuality in Morocco so LGBT people victim of any kind of abuse should be able to report to the police about their problems and be protected from the wrath of family and society. I am very disappointed that no part within the government raised any concerns about our safety in Morocco. I am even more disappointed the the King Mohammed VI did not include LGBT people within his address to his "people". It was a clear message that we are citizen that are not recognized and will not be recognized by any part ruling this country.
The LGBT community forms that largest social category prone to violence and human rights abuse. The dangerous thing about the situation is that lots of people see these attacks, violence and jailing of gay people as legitimate. The government, by it homophobic laws is adding fuel to the flame by making it legal to oppress gays. This country can not be fully democratically inclusive of all its citizens without including the LGBT community. We need to be protected as the other citizens in Morocco have the rights to be protected.