Saturday, 3 December 2016

The State's Violence in Morocco

Unjustified use of violence is not something new in Morocco. It has been a feature of the tyranny of the 'Makhzane' since Independence. Hassane II was the 'Lord' of fear, a king that mastered the art of torture, and political suppression of students, activists and progressive writer and journalists. His sunset was a relief and a hope for a better day with the sunrise of his successor Mohamed VI. The hope has not came to an end yet. It has not diminished, but got even bigger. However, the question is how far can we go and wait for the better days we all fantasize about to come with the ongoing rule of the 'Makhzane and the atmosphere of fear that they are still sawing in Morocco?
Going against the state, the national integrity and the spread of Fitna in Morocco is terribly a No No issue, and severely punishable to an extend no one could ever expect a judge to give a minimal. Such acts also have gained much support by a large majority of the Moroccans, especially when it comes to rebels against the Western Sahara. The use of violence was so apparent against protesters in Western Sahara . the Moroccan security forces repeatedly beat and abused people they detained following disturbances on November 8, 2010, in the Western Sahara capital city of El-Ayoun, according to Human Rights Watch. Protests like those bring the wrath of the Makhzane and blood on the way.
Far from the issue of the integrity and the threats of rebels, the state and the Mekhzane are also crushing students teachers trainees. The use of violence was incredible through the series of several protests that took place in major cities in Morocco last year. This year the same scenario is being repeated. Several teachers trainees are protesting against the government's strategy against this group which will leave them with bleak future. Thought the international condemnation about the use of violence against the teachers trainees, the Moroccan authorities have not changed the way they treat peaceful protectors. There have been even news reports in social media that some of the protectors were killed in series of fierce clashes between protectors and the police.
The use of violence by the Moroccan authorities is still an issue that is hard to expose on social media, though we get glimpse about it sometimes in those brave video clips on Youtube and Facebook. People at the margin of the society like the LGBTQ community are made silent by both, the government and the society. There were several cases when many gay men were abused by the police, beaten and tortured when they fell in the wrong hands. Such violation of human rights is gaining more support unfortunately by the large majority of the Moroccan society. Being exposed to the violence of the Makhzane within the LGBTQ community is definitely the worse in those series of unlawfulness of the human suppression in Morocco. Therefore, there should a collective understanding that as a society, we are going to be always exposed to the violence of the Makhzane by being kept divided.

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