Friday, 13 January 2017

I care about human rights. I care about people. I care about anything that brings happiness to the world. Let us all do good for this world. We don't have to be harsh on others to show them that we are brave! We don't have to sound superior to those who need us. We are one and we should be always one. 
Difference should be our richness. Compassion should be our feature of our passion. With love we can survive. With love we can challenge our difficulties. I stand with human rights. I stand with love and equality for all human beings, no matter what their gender, sexual orientations, race and regions are. I will keep fighting for freedom, equality and tolerance by spreading love and making people aware that we are all equal, no matter what politics try to make us believe. I am here for LGBT rights in Morocco.
That is me. Will you be like me?

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