Thursday, 23 March 2017

Should the King be our addressee when asking for LGBT right?

Should the King be our addressee when ask for LGBT right? Yes this is the point we seem to be missing in our campaign for the LGBT right in Morocco.

Gay rights are actually not only in the hand of the Islamic government, but also in the hand of the king in case you have forgotten who rules in Morocco.

As we have been raising our voices, campaigns online and getting in touch with other LGBT organizations to help in our case to legalize homosexuality, it is time to accept that LGBT rights are held in the firm grip of the King as well. Morocco’s king fired and hired a prime minister in the same week last week without any trouble at all. This is a real signal to us all the Moroccan citizens who still think that their government works on the basis of what the people chose them for. Gay rights have been one of the issues we would like any government party to raise in their discussions at least and hopefully pass a law to vote on whether to legalize homosexuality in Morocco or not. However, it might high time as LGBT group and individual activists to shift our addressee concerning this tough case. It is high time we addressed the king to raise the issue of the prosecution and jailing of LGBT people in Morocco. Last month’s jailing of two students in Tangier seemed to be one of the many cases of the oppression of gays in Morocco. There have been few calls to release the two students, but our voice got lost within the majority bigoted people who are in favour of jailing gay men for a tiny homosexual conduct. This kind of abuse should stop sooner than later as it is becoming a source of embarrassment for Morocco on the international, and human rights’ scene. We cannot pride in a culture driven by hate for homosexuals. We not pride in a King who represent this population. Gay rights can heavily be influenced if the King gives an opinion about it and hint to the Moroccan people that oppression of the LGBT rights is a criminal conduct. The royal family in Morocco has been always the source of Moroccan values. Showing tolerance to homosexual will definitely bring change to the way society see gay people in Morocco. That is the thing which the kings of Morocco has not showed yet though he is an open-minded person about women’s rights and equality.

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