Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Human Rights and LGBT Rights Abuse in Morocco Still Continues

As Morocco’s new government was announced by King Mohammed VI on April 5,  a new chapter in the series of human rights abuse was introduced by appointing a homophobic man to minister the Moroccan Ministry of Human Rights.
Human rights is a critical area in Morocco which does not seem to be getting out of its dark tunnel. First, the ministry of Human Rights in Morocco was abolished in 2002 after symbolically operating  for decades in an era that was marked by several occasions of human rights abuse that caught the international attention. Second, though there have been an attempt to brighten up the image of a progressive Morocco in the international scene through the establishment of the Moroccan Council of Human Rights, there  have been a couple of clap down on NGOs that are promoting human rights in Morocco. According to Human Right Watch, authorities ordered Human Rights Watch to suspend its activities in Morocco after they were accused of giving non-progressive image about Morocco's human rights situation. 

Indeed, the Moroccan government and authorities still repress peaceful demonstrations. Last year many violent interventions by police to spread the crowd of trainee teachers have been ignored by the government, even though there have been a number of incidences when victims lost their lives and ended up with severe injuries. In the same year, many gay people were jailed, brutally attacked in the streets and by their families were ignored and even punished for reporting their attackers, just because they are gays.
Now that  the Moroccan government is still led by a bunch of homophobic leaders, there will be no change in the situation of the LGBT rights in Morocco. Homosexuality remains punishable by 6 to 3 years in prison and and fine of 120 to 1000 Dh according to Article 489 in the Moroccan Institution. Jailing gay people will rise as the Ministry of Human Rights is run by homophobic Mustapha Ramid who previously commented that homosexuals deserve being attacked and jailed as they provoke the Moroccan society by being gay and not being 'normal.

If the UN is really representative of human rights, it should not allow Mustapha Ramid to to step in the organisation. His agenda is threatening and opposite all what human rights is for. By appointing Mustapha Ramid as a Minister of Human rights Morocco  is sending  a clear statement about how they are going to be dealing with homosexuality. This is a terrifying time for the LGBT community in Morocco which still need to hide, pretend to be straight and walk silently while so many of our fellow LGBT people get brutally attacked and jailed. 

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