Sunday, 13 March 2016

Voice of Desperate Moroccan Gay:
Dear all people who care about human rights and LGBT right. I am a gay man from Morocco. I am 24 years old. I came to Europe to do a Masters Degree in women's and Gender Studies. when I wanted to go back to Morocco in the beginning of March, I could not go because my family learned about my homosexuality and the LGBT activities I have been doing in Europe. I have now no protection, neither from my family nor from the law. I am not afraid of the consequence of going back as long as homosexuality is not punished by law in Morocco, even though there is a great danger that my extended family will get rid of me to protect their honour. I need protection from the Moroccan government, but I will never get that as long as homosexuality is punished with 6 to 3 years imprisonment. Being a gay in Moroccan jail will be hell on earth. Please so help me circulate and sign this petition to decriminalize homosexuality in Morocco for me to go back to my country.

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