Sunday, 13 March 2016

Watch an interview with the young gay man who was savagely beaten almost to death by a mob in Ramadan (July, 2015).
This man lives in Fez, a city where I come from. The area where he was attacked is just 1/5 mile from where I live. He was dragged out of the taxi, by an angry mob, had his cloths torn off and beaten savagely. I was in the city when this event happened. As gay man I felt so terrified that one day that could be ME! Please support gay rights in Morocco and don't let such kind of ugliness happen to innocent people again.
However, I feel glad that he was not killed. There were shouts and calls for killing him when he was attacked. Bearded men, were shouting "Kill the Jewish" "Kill him". He is not Jewish. He was not wearing any women's cloths or had that  long braided hair as it is shown in the video, but they made him look guilty and well-deserved beating up and killing for dressing that way as it is shown in the video.

Watch the video on this link: Attacked by mob for being gay in Fez

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